Iter8 @ Cal Poly SLO

We are Cal Poly’s first hands-on product design lab and agency for students

Come as you are. Come out with work you’re proud of.


Participate in hands-on product design projects in teams.

As a team member, you will:


Tackle an Investigation based on real-world problems.

Emulate the work of design teams in the industry. You will collaborate with your team on a design challenge, which could involve redesigning an existing product, improving a process, or creating a new solution.

Our Investigation teams for Fall 2021


You will focus on visual and brand improvements for an existing product, developing a design language that appeals to a specific audience. Your team will tackle a redesign of an existing product that benefits both the users with an updated, more visually appealing experience, and the product with an opportunity to attract new customers.

Grassroots Solutions

You will focus on developing a new experience that enriches people’s lives. Your team will create a solution that primarily considers how new users interact with the product and creating a unique experience through branding and UX writing.

Experience Optimization

You will focus on improving an existing experience to be more accessible to all kinds of users. Your team will create a solution or develop a case study that primarily considers how older or technologically-challenged users interact and understand the product through usability or visual improvements.


Take on a role that emulates a real-life occupation.

UX Designer

Project Manager

Brand Consultant

+many more


Finish with a portfolio-ready project.

Projects could be case studies, prototypes, or even designs for a real client.

Our vision

Work with real clients as a fully student-run design agency

Cal Poly has an amazing network of alumni and industry professionals eager to give students real opportunities to explore careers in product design, publications, user experience design, and more. We want to utilize these connections to score projects that involve real clients: from local start-ups to big names in the industry.

Grow with the UX community at Cal Poly and beyond

The UX community is growing. In teams, we will participate in local events like UX Fest SLO, Adobe Creative Jam, and Camp PolyHacks.

Stay in the loop.

We are a new student organization and we’re still working out some kinks. As we continue to grow our teams, we would love to keep in touch!

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CJ Tio
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